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PoV Validators
Patex Network reward system for validators

Who is a Validator?

Validators are no more than 100 influential and reputable people in the cryptocurrency world who can popularize the network and form a clear understanding for the community of how this network is useful, and for this, they receive a reward from the network.

How to become a validator?


Fill in the form for validators
Fill in form


Answer additional questions from the Patex team to be added to the whitelist


Add Patex Network and connect your wallet


Enter cabinet, stake PATEX tokens and claim your rewards in ETH every 45,000 blocks and when the total reward for all validators exceeds 0.1 ETH

How it Works?

Of all the fees paid on the network, the Patex team receives 50% of the fess for technical support of Patex Network, and the remaining 50% is divided among the validators (up to 100) in proportion to the value of the staked PATEX tokens. All rewards are paid in ETH.

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Become A Validator