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Patex Hackathon

Start Date:
07.06.2023 00:01

End Date:
10.07.2023 23:59

Purpose of the

The hackathon focuses specifically on the dApps on Patex Network. We propose to create solutions designed to enhance scalability, improve transaction speed and reduce costs on the Ethereum network through the L2 network.

Our overall goal is to popularize Patex Network and create optimal conditions for the development of dApp products.



Start of registration


Start of development


End of registration


Announcement of results

Prizes for projects

The total prize pool for this hackathon is worth up to $20,000 equivalent in USDT.


Best dApp project will receive $7,000 support for project development


2nd top dApp project will receive $3,000 support for project development


3rd top dApp project will receive $2,000 support for project development


4th top dApp project will receive $2,000 support for project development


5th-10th place prize for either:
  • dApp projects
  • identifying network vulnerabilities (ability to create fake transactions, system bridge flaws, ways to take down the network, etc.)
  • What do you need to do?

    There are various options of what type of dApp to build on Patex Network. For example, Wallet, DEX, Digital Identity, GameFi, Aggregator, NFT marketplace, DAO, Staking or other solutions.

    The main selection criteria of the jury are:

    • Operability
    • Source code
    • Сoncept
    • Marketing plan
    • Usability

    How to become a participant?


    Read the terms of the hackathon


    Register as a hacker and submit your BUIDL on Dorahacks


    Join our Telegram

    Useful links


    How to add Patex Network Testnet to Metamask?

    1. Install or sign in to your MetaMask. More information on getting started with MetaMask can be found here.

    2. Add Patex Network Testnet to your networks in MetaMask. Step-by-step instruction is below:
    - Go to MetaMask bookmark and click on the networks drop-down list (located at the top of the screen);
    - Click on the "Add network" button;
    - Click on the "Add network manually" button;
    - Fill in the form with the following data: Network name - "Patex Network Testnet", New RPC URL - "", Chain ID - "471100", Currency symbol - "ETH", Block explorer URL - "");
    - Click on the "Save" button;
    - Now you can select Patex Network Testnet with your MetaMask.

    How to get ETH test tokens on Patex Network Testnet?

    1. Add Sepolia Testnet (Ethereum Layer 1 Testnet) to your networks in MetaMask. Detailed instruction here.

    2. Go to Sepolia Faucet , log in or register, enter your wallet address and receive your test ETH coins in the Sepoila Testnet network (you can receive 0.5 ETH per day).

    3. Transfer your test ETH coins from Sepolia Testnet to Patex Network Testnet. You can do it with the bridge — just send your test ETH coins to 0xf0D8C28F3902Fac5b6C2dBc8574339bD84535a01. After this, you will receive test coins to the same address from which you made the transaction, but in Patex Network Testnet.

    4. Great! You have received your test coins in Patex Network Testnet. You can use them for any type of activities within Patex Network Testnet.

    Who do I turn to for help if I am stuck with my project?

    You can ask for help and cooperate with Patex developers in our Telegram!

    Can I continue working on my project after the deadline?

    We encourage you to continue working on your project after the deadline, but the results will be based on the version of the project that was submitted within the deadline