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Reward System
 Patex Network community reward system

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How to participate?


Connect your Metamask to the platform


Switch to Patex Network if you have another network selected


Go to your profile, activate Proof of Value and sign your action on your wallet's side


Perform transactions of any type on the network and get rewarded

Invite system

This is a system of rewarding users for inviting other people.

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Everyone who invites a new member will be able to receive 20% of the invitee's activity, regardless of how many wallets are invited and what activity they have. More activity - better result!


Improvement for all wallets that are validators on the network - 5% more from the activity of those you invited

How to Claim?

Since the PATEX network has not yet been launched, we offer you to receive your pre-mined tokens on the BNB Chain network. Just follow a few easy steps:


Connect wallet and collect tokens at

Proof of value


Transfer tokens to the BNB Chain network


Claim your tokens on the

Claim page

How It Works?

The user makes a transaction of any type, which is recorded in a block
A reward of 0.0521 PATEX is divided between all creators of transactions in each block in proportion to the number of transactions.

How to Claim?

Once for 8640 blocks, all rewards earned by the user are credited and they can claim the PATEX tokens received in their personal account.

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